“Will and the Bat” Prep, Grade 1


Will and the Bat Story and tasks. CVC words, ie consonant vowel consonant words eg bat. Simple questions with yes or no answers and copying 12 words.

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Will and the Bat

Will and the Bat is a 3-page literacy pack for Prep and into Grade 1. Story with sight words and common words. There are about 12 CVC , ie consonant vowel consonant,  words  such as  bat.

Follow-on writing activity: 

>Six questions using words from the story.
>Copying 12 words.

>The child writes yes or no.

Two readings of the story is better. Adult reads slowly. Index finger under and along each word. Off-the-shelf lesson. The text will steer the way.  At the next lesson, read it again together.

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Link to National Geographic for kids:  https://www.natgeokids.com/au/discover/animals/general-animals/bat-facts/

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