“In My House” Literacy Prep, Grade 1


In My House is a pack of six A4 pages.  3 activities including pick the pic. Text talks about each room, the garden and the shed. Words are mapped out in dots for child to follow.  


In My House

In My House is a 6-page bundle.  Each page is about one room in the house.  Rooms include kitchen, bedroom, living and dining rooms, and shed and garden. Designed to drive reading and writing skills.

This unit has

Short text, hand-printed in large.
Questions follow. “What is in this room?” The child circles the pictures.
Writing practice follows. A dot marks the point to start writing the letter.
Students follow the dotted outline to write.
Scope for discussion.  

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Link to 100 words: https:/1/teachables.scholastic.com/teachables/books/100-words-list-sight-words-practice-9780545201124_043.html

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