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Early Primary School

Early Primary School introduces children to the reading of text. Many children will already know their alphabet before starting school.

>>Letter-sound knowledge continues but the active reading of text can start.
>>Make a difference with our lesson packs — Simple is Best
>>Introduce new reading tasks. Overlap the tasks. A child is reading 2-3 texts over several weeks.
Watch the progress!

For the first year of school, Prep or Reception, some materials on Tutoring Primary are hand-written to model hand-writing. Always large print. Tasks include: 

*circling the right picture, *writing yes or no or *three-letter words from the text. Children enjoy them and like to colour-in the drawings.

Some links to lesson packs for Prep (Reception):  Alphabet in Pictures, Prep,  “Start to Read Stories” Prep 

As students progress through to Year 1, the lesson packs are in big print in Ariel typeface.  Great reading practice with supported writing activities. ‘Supported‘ means part of the answer is written or the student writes a word or phrase to complete the answer. Children like to colour in the line drawings.

Links to sample items for Year 1: “Kids Can Count” Maths Grade 1  “Puppy for Sam” Literacy Grade 1   “We Go to the Park” Literacy Grade 1

Texts use the 100 Sight Words. They have proven themselves over many decades.
Some links:  100 Sight Words, Post ,  “Sight Words for Prep and Grade 1”, Literacy

The stories focus on spelling patterns for the early grades. 

  • Animals and pets feature in many stories.
  • Some items have a science theme such as flowers and insects.
  • The texts use common words as well as selected words for the topic.
  • Also, a chosen set of words with important spelling patterns, such as ai and oa, are targeted.

Some links:  “Buzz and Hum” Literacy Grade 2“Daffodils” Literacy Grade 2“There In The Air” Literacy Grade 2

Instant Access: Order material for Prep & Grade 1 and Grade 1 & 2 

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