Lessons By Grade

Lessons By Grade
Lessons By Grade is a good search point for lesson packs for Prep to Year 8 and 9. Most packs are for the Grade 1 to Grade 7 levels. It depends on the standard that a child or group of children has attained.

Deciding on a Grade Level for the child being taught depends on one’s knowledge of the student, and also what the school report tells you.

Literacy Packs usually have a target set of words. These are often repeated through the lesson. This applies especially to the lower levels. Even the higher levels, such as Grades 5 and 6, target silent letters.

Technology And Science feature in many literacy packs, as do history topics. Examples are:

simple tools, such as the lever and pulley,
ships within history topics, and
the safety pin.

Maths sheets are available free. They are in bundles of 5 sheets and include a range of typical tasks within each Grade level. Most are for Grades 2 to 5.






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