Grades 2 And 3

Grade 2 And 3
Grade 2 And 3, Learning In Primary School offers lesson packs in  literacy and maths. These are separate.

Literacy lessons always include a reading task. This activity is followed by simple word tasks based on the reading. The reading tasks include target spelling patterns and use high frequency words. Packs that are 3 or 4 pages are for the older child reading harder texts.

Maths lessons are 1-page and are in bundles of 5. I have used these lessons in my own teaching and tutoring and have uploaded them. They are free packages.

Animals are a feature of many stories such as The Dingo ( or Herd And Pack Animals In Africa (

I am adding to the teaching material every week.

Helpful hints:

Teaching Packs For Grade 3 and 4 will help parents and other non-professionals to teach successfully.

Example Of A Product:

The Quail and the Hunter is a literacy pack that targets  ai  spelling words. . Here is the link:

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