Grades 5 And 6

Grades 5 And 6
Grades 5 And 6 Learning In Primary School is a category enabling parents and others to find suitable lesson packs in this box.

These packs are suitable for children through a Level 5 and 6 but only the parents or other adults can judge what is best suited for the child. The Level 5 packs are more advanced in this category than in the Grade 4 and 5 Category. The main difference is the length of the reading task. If your student/s is a weak reader then Category 4 and 5 may be better.

Maths packs are separate from literacy learning packs.

Maths comes in bundles of 5 sheets and are mainly for Grade 5. They are all free items. I have used these in my own teaching and tutoring and have uploaded them to my site.

Literacy Packs include fiction and non-fiction as well as grammar sheets and spelling sheets. There is a list of French words used in English with pronunciation help. Here is the link:

Technology and Science are in the literacy packs. Examples are

introduction to scientific methods in recounts,
the heart, and

Here is a link to Wilson’s Promontory Marine National Park:

History topics and animals appear in the literacy items. This is a link to Captain Moonlite, an entertaining story about an Australian bushranger:

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