Grades 3 And 4

Grades 3 And 4
Grades 3 And 4 Learning in Primary School brings lesson packs for these groups together into this category.

These packs are suitable for children through a Level 3 and 4 but only the parents or other adults can judge what is best suited for the child. The Level 3 packs are more advanced in this category than in the Grade 2 and 3 Category. The main difference is the length of the reading task.

Maths packs are separate from literacy packs.

Maths comes in bundles of 5 sheets. They are all free items. I have used these in my own teaching and tutoring and have uploaded them to my site.

Literacy Packs include fiction and non-fiction.

Technology and Science are in the literacy packs. Examples are

transport and vehicles, heavy machinery,
the heart and lungs,
simple tools such as the inclined plane and the screw, and
buildings, such as forts and castles.

Here is a link to Travelling Faster On the Ground.


History topics and animals appear in the literacy items. This is a link to Aussie Rules Football.




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