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Vision Impaired Children – Lessons

Vision Impaired Children – Lessons 

Our lesson packs may be very suitable for vision impaired children.

Materials are in Calabri 16pt up to about Grade 5 or 6. For higher grades they are written in 14pt. In some packs the written tasks section may be in 14pt. This is to save space and reduce the number of pages where sensible to do so. Calabri is slightly smaller than Arial.

In learning materials and most textbooks, the typeface is too small. Children in the lower grades are learning to read. After using the lesson packs on this site — and going back to regular texts — children complain, “It’s too small”, and turn away.

>>Larger print encourages reading.
>>Lesson packs on this site make learning to read easier by removing this obstacle.

These lesson packs have clear black and white line drawings. Suitable for colouring as well, they enhance the text. There are no coloured diagrams or pictures.

When preparing your own flash cards, we suggest doing two cards where the letter can be written in two  ways. Examples are:  b ,  k  and  f.  Children get used to a word with both forms of the letter. Link to help: Flash Cards – How To Make, Post

Maths Packs on this site are hand-printed — and beautifully hand-printed! Large, clear and with plenty of space. They model hand-printing for students as well as set out maths tasks.

Most materials available on this site are about learning to read and write. Many have science, history, geography and family life content.  As we recommend buying a maths text book for the home there are fewer maths packs.

Always check the size of the print before buying Maths textbooks. That advice is for all parents and teachers. Especially for vision impaired children, of course. Make sure there is

>>Less clutter on each page.
>>Fewer cartoon characters.
>>Labels on diagrams should be big enough so they are crystal clear when enlarged for vision impaired children. 

Feedback on these lesson packs is welcome.







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