“Word Lists–Phonics” Prep to Grade 2


Word Lists – Phonics is a free pack.  Short words with short vowels – a, e, i, o, u.  Second pack – common spelling patterns such as words ending in -ay, vowel teams such as ai and ea or initial letter teams such as th and sh.


Word Lists–Phonics 

Word Lists–Phonics  Lists of words with common spelling patterns on A4 for Prep to Grade 3. “Say the word, repeat the word” and children learn the spelling families and patterns.  Frequency is the key to success so read them through together regularly.  Encourage the student/s to sound the words out.

No 1 has 3-letter words mainly, with short vowels, such as rat, fed, tip, pop and cut.  There is one page for each vowel.

No 2 presents new spelling patterns. Words ending in -ay-ai-, and ow. A brief guide at the top of each sheet.

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