“Buzz and Hum” Literacy Grade 2


Buzz and Hum Reading task about being in a garden collecting bugs. Follow-on activities with spelling rules, creative writing.


Buzz and Hum

Buzz and Hum is a 2-page literacy lesson pack for Grade 2. Reading task about a child who plays in the puddles after rain and collects slugs and other insects. Focus on words with –ar-, -ck, -ee-, -ay, -er,  fly/my.

This unit includes

~High frequency words,
~easy words to sound out,
~rhyming words.
~handwriting  Jj, 
~”bossy e”, 
~draw and write a story.

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About insects. Extra reading and great pics at this Link:    https://www.natgeokids.com/au/discover/animals/insects/15-facts-about-bugs/

Anyone can teach easily from this self-contained lesson. It is written in 16pt and would take two or three half hour lessons to do. Suitable for any teaching and learning situation.

Fair use/dealing claimed for illustrations.

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