3 For Free, Grade 2


3 For Free is a bundle of 3 one-page lessons. They start with a reading task — all graded and chosen words — and a task follows. Review questions, discussion, writing or colouring in.


3 For Free 

3 For Free is a bundle of three free lesson packs. A gift from Maree.  Text for independent reading in 16pt. Graded choice of words for the text (as always). Activity follows. Each is 1-page A4. Download and print.

  • Lollipop Person is about the woman or man who stops traffic outside the school and ushers pedestrians across the road.
  • Bushfires is about wild fire and its dangers. It alerts children to how fires can start.
  • Bees gives children about five basic facts about bees. Children draw a line from each label in a list to the right body part in the drawing.

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Coach your own child with these easy-to-use lessons. Words are carefully chosen for the text, as they are for all items on this website.  Anyone can use these items without copyright. They can be used in small group settings, tutoring groups, and in classrooms.  They make good extension work for the fast finisher.