“Faster on the Ground” Technology Grade 5-6


Faster on the Ground.  A 2-page account for Grade 5 – 6 on the transition from horse to motor.  Train, tram, motor bike, car.  Line drawings.  Literacy questions: adjectives, prefixes. Students design their own vehicle and explain it.


Faster on the Ground 

Faster on the Ground is a lesson pack for students in Grade 5 or 6.  To top it off, students design their own vehicle with a taste of the future. The text, with drawings, presents the transition from horse-drawn vehicles to trains. It discusses:

~Trains were the first vehicles using the combustion engine.
~Motorised bikes, and

Literacy tasks and review questions on the text:

adjectives, word meanings, prefixes.
Students design their own vehicle.

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Link for students on future vehicles:  https://www.nissan-global.com/EN/PLANT/KIDS/FUTURE/

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