“Mr Cool And The Bug”, Grade 1 Literacy


Mr Cool And The Bug is a 2-page literacy set for Prep and Grade 1. Late Prep or Kindergarten may be able to read it. There is a 1-page story with simple words, an ‘scary’ moment when Sam gets rid of the bug from his friend’s nose. Sam explains that the ‘bug’ is really a spider.
Any parent can use this ready-made lesson set. It may take 2 sittings with two readings, with discussion about the content and the words. Adults, teachers, tutors and parents will find this a useful pack. Just let the text lead the lesson.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.

There are teaching guides in the Pages to give non-teachers a head start. Links below.




Mr Cool and the Bug

Mr Cool and the Bug is a 2-page literacy item for Prep and Grade 1. A ready-made lesson for use with beginner readers.

It includes: >>a short text for reading, >>common small words,  >>3-letter words such as bug and run,  >>finding the rhyming words,  and  >>writing Yes or No to questions about the story.  >>There are several small line drawings of bugs and spiders.

Anyone can use this item easily for teaching on a one to one basis or with a small group. It would take two half-hour sittings with two readings of the text. Children can take it in turns to read. A great text for kids to practise expression in reading. Lots of drama.

This link takes you to a range of games and activities that can be used to enhance learning.

This is the link to Will And The Bat. It has a similar format: https://www.tutoringprimary.com/product/will-bat-literacy-prep/

Here is a link to the sight words for this year level: https://www.tutoringprimary.com/product/sight-words-prep-grade-1-literacy/

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.