“Platypus Science” Grade 6,7


Platypus Science explains a failed scientific study in Tasmania. A 3-page literacy and science lesson pack. Interesting reading with a variety of writing tasks.


Platypus Science

Platypus Science is an account of studies about this animal’s diet. First important study of the platypus in captivity was a failure, 1935. Text explains controlled studies and anecdotal evidence. This is a science literacy lesson pack for Grades 6 – 8.  3-pages.

The target words are scientific terms of Latin origin and their plurals. Text tells the story, has sub-headings and a footnote.  It’s followed by a variety of written tasks.

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Anyone can use this material and teach successfully on a one-to-one. It can also be used in small group settings in schools as well as standard classroom. Self-contained.