“Longitude–The Short Story” Grade 6-8


Longitude–The Short Story is a 4-page account of the system of longitude for upper Primary School and early Secondary School. Creation of the tilted axis,  invention of lines for equator, tropics. Navigational problems with latitude only. Chronometers. Diagrams. Review questions with marking scheme.


Longitude – The Short Story

Longitude – The Short Story is a 4-page literacy package for Grade 6, 7 and 8 with geography, history, maths.

This study unit has

~Diagrams and map.
~Includes discussion of the earth’s tilt,

~the history of the equator and tropics as lines drawn on maps for ships, latitude.
~Includes work of John Harrison on a clock for navigation;
~longitude and how the navigation clock calculates it.
ext questions. Twenty words relevant to the subject.

The link below gives the lesson an avenue for a good follow-up. The loss of many ships and men in one disaster prompted the British Government to offer a reward for whoever could solve ‘the longitude problem’. This link takes students to a readable account of the Scilly Isles disaster in 1707.

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