“Grasses are Graminoides” Science Grades 5-6


Grasses are Graminoides is a 4-page science literacy pack for teaching. Main grass categories, the big ones and the little ones, and their uses. Fill-in-the-gap activity. Collect samples from kitchen cupboard.

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Grasses are Graminoides

Grasses are Graminoides is a 4-page science literacy teaching pack. Introduces grasses that are included in the graminoide family.  Barley, rice, wheat and others.

Reading task is 3 pages with some scientific terms. This unit includes:

>various diagrams,
>pick the right word from the box, and
>a practical activity – finding seeds from the pantry  such as barley.

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This external link has a good diagram that opens in front of you. This is about the animals of the African tropical savanna. https://www.dkfindout.com/us/animals-and-nature/habitats-and-ecosystems/african-savanna/

Easy to use with any student group or on a one-to-one basis.  The tasks are self-directing so let the lesson lead the way.