“Captain Moonlite” English Grades 6-8


Captain Moonlite is a 4-page English language lesson pack. Account of an Australian bushranger with follow-up questions on vocab and text. Map and portrait included.


Captain Moonlite

Captain Moonlite is a 4-page English language unit for Grades 6, 7 and 8. An account of the career of a well-known Australian bushranger. He was foolish and reckless so it is entertaining for students. Andrew George Scott migrated to Australia from Ireland in 1867, had a glittering career as a bushranger and came to a bad end in 1880.

Follow-up tasks:

>several phrases of interest,
>other forms of words,
>Australian and colonial terms from the text.
>Includes a sketched portrait and a map.


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The link below is to the National Museum of Australia.  The Hold-Up Heroes is a story for children

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