“Creamy Everything” Literacy Grade 2


Creamy Everything is a 2-page reading and writing pack for Grade 2. Target words have -ea- spelling. Fun to read.


Creamy Everything

Creamy Everything is a 2-page literacy pack for Grade 2. A child tells the story of how “hard things are at my house” because he likes creamy food. A lock is now on the fridge. He even climbs on the top of the fridge to “work on the lock”. Entertaining!

This unit has:

Story with target words with –ea- spelling.  Includes many sight words
Word work and writing tasks follow.
Tasks include the target words, rhyming words, opposite meaning,
writing 3 sentences and giving an opinion.

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Anyone can teach using Creamy Everything. Self-contained and tasks lead the way. Probably the student will lead the way! Fun to read and supports classroom teaching.

Fair use/dealing claimed on illustrations.