“Bertie and the Crocodile” Grades 5-6


Bertie and the Crocodile is a chapter story designed to teach story structure. Discussion points, writing tasks. Deals with setting, mood, tension, climax, resolution.   


Bertie and the Crocodile

Bertie and the Crocodile is a 6-page lesson pack. A chapter story with follow-up tasks. A hungry baby kookaburra meets a crocodile on the Katherine River in a Northern Australia setting. The text models the classic structure of a story as taught in English-speaking classrooms.

A funny story from the kookaburra’s point of view.  The text is designed for students to learn more about: 

>story structure,
>setting, mood,
>tension and crimax,

This unit helps primary school students to do well on their creative writing tasks. 

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Link to map:  https://nttravel.com.au/northern-territory-map/

Suitable for any teaching and learning situation. including home education.  It is self-directing. Explanations of terms are provided.  When your student says, “I don’t know how to start”, this is the solution.