Upper Primary School, Page

Upper Primary School

Upper Primary School is usually Years 5 and 6, the last two years before high school.

Reading and Writing — Skills

Expanding literacy skills is the central focus of Tutoring Primary. There’s a big difference between Year 4 and the end of Year 6. Lesson packs available here vary in student standard. Some products are marked for Year 4 or 5. Others are marked  Years 5 and 6 or 5,6 and 7.

Links to sample items: “Emu” Science Literacy Grade 5-7 “Clauses” Literacy, Grade 6,7 “Temperate Forests” Science Grade 5-7 “Fresh Start” Literacy Grade 5, 6

Units of work for Years 5 and 6:

Firm up the foundation learning of earlier years

Extend the students’ general knowledge

Improve word knowledge

Widen language skills through longer sentences.

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Topics of Lesson Packs — Content

Content is important.
It extends students’ general knowledge and
prepares them for stepping into high school.

Some general categories are about:

          • the natural environment
          • the man-made environment
          • history and government
          • geography
          • science and science methods.
          • Short fiction items each with a special language focus.

Links to sample products:  “Malaria in Sri Lanka” Science Grades 5-8“Mega-Muscles” Science Literacy Grade 6

Posts and Opinion

Hints and help with opinions on current educational topics come in the Posts on this site.

Tutoring Primary recommends the purchase of a Maths textbook. Many texts are on the market at favourable prices. Parents can track exactly where their child is at!  Some worksheets are available on this site if a textbook is not to hand.

Links to sample Maths sheets:  “Multiples” Maths Practice Grade 5, 6 , “Jack’s Maths Problems” Grade 5

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