“When I Was Six”, Literacy, Grade 2,3


When I Was Six  is a 3-page literacy pack for Grades 2 or 3, individually or in a small group. The focus is on words with or spelling, high frequency words and emotional education. There is plenty to talk about in this short and entertaining account of a child on a runaway horse. It is also a true story.
It is followed by a several word and text questions. It should take two to three half-hour sittings.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.


When I Was Six

When I Was Six is a 3-page language lesson for Grades 2 and 3.  The text is about a child who is rescued from a runaway horse. The story has exciting moments and funny moments. When I Was Six includes one and a half pages of reading, a focus on words with  –or-  spelling, a focus on emotions such as fear, empathy and courage. Variety of word activities.

Anyone can use this pack easily. It is ready-to-go. Print and teach. No preparation needed and it’s suitable for one to one teaching, small groups, home schooling and tutoring.

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Free to make copies for teaching purposes.