“Making Friends Again” Literacy Grade 2, 3


Making Friends Again is a 2-page literacy lesson pack for Grade 2, 3.  Target spelling : ft and lt at the end, eg  milk, felt. Common words. Includes creative writing task.


Making Friends Again

Making Friends Again is  a 2-page literacy lesson pack for Grade 2,3. The target spelling words are -ft and  –lt terminals That is, words that end in ft or lt, such as  left and milk. Tasks include: finding words in the story with the target spelling pattern. Write a simple plan based on paragraphs and writes their own account from the plan. Link to further guidance on creative writing: “Creative Writing – Help Your Child”

Suitable for any teaching and learning situation, one to one or classrooms. Ideal for home education.  A similar item for this age group: “When I Was Six” Literacy Grade 2,3