“Six Maths Sheets For Grade 1”, Maths Pack


Six Maths Sheets For Grade 1 is a bundle of free downloads. They cover usual counting problems for Grade 1. They include Number, Time, Shapes, Measure and maths vocabulary such as shorter or longer.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.



Six Maths Sheets For Grade 1

Six Maths Sheets For Grade 1 is a bundle of sheets. It gives the child in the second year of school lots of different maths problems. Suitable for 6-year olds.

The pack includes: time, number, ‘longer’ and ‘shorter’, making groups – division, counting, left, following the arrow, and other usual maths for young children.

Maths For First Year At School is a Page to help parents and others with hints on teaching. It explains where the 5 year old should be at entrance level. Here is the link:

This is a useful template: