“Numbers for Prep” Early Primary School


Numbers for Prep. Bundle of 4 templates: Hedgehog, Balloon and Dolphin. A Numbers template is to practise writing numbers. It shows direction of each stroke and number of strokes.

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Numbers for Prep

Numbers for Prep is a bundle of 4 lesson A4 templates for the use with Prep to Grade 3 studentsHedgehog, Dolphin and Balloon Templates, and Writing Numbers.  Each small drawing has a blank centre.

What to do:

>Download, print off. Make copies to use at any time.
>Write your own sums in each space for the student.
>Makes number work fun and interesting.
>Children like to colour them in.


Writing Numbers sheet models the writing of each number. The student writes on the line underneath each number. It also shows the direction in which to write and the number of strokes to write each number. Student will need instructions.

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