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“Mark Student’s Work” Post

Mark Student’s Work

General points made here apply to tutoring and teaching using any materials.  The lesson packs on this site make it easy for parents to tutor and teachers to mark.

  1. Immediate feedback to a student is the most effective way for the child to learn.
  2. It is more helpful if an adult sits with the child, shares the reading task, and watches over while they do the writing activities.
  3. You could let the child attempt the writing tasks alone. Avoid prompting the child when they hesitate. Allow time for the child to work things out, decode a word using their phonics knowledge, and self correct. Self correction is a good sign of progress.
  4. At the end of this you can work out whether  your child earned a mark on a question on their own. Discuss. You could say, “I helped you with this one. Do you think you earned your mark?” Then give them an encouragment mark. This opens the way for lessons from Mum or Dad next week too as our own children are not so keen on help from parents.
  5. If you find a student is having difficulty with the text and tasks, use easier materials if using these lesson packs. The year levels given to these units of work is elastic.
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