“Wash the Car” Early Literacy


Wash the Car is a literacy pack for Prep or Grade 1. Two A4 pages of large, hand-printed text with support activities on page 2. Target words end in -y, and -oa, soapy,  words ending in -e, hose.


Wash the Car

Wash the Car is a 2-page reading and writing lesson for Prep or Grade 1. Good for independent reading. Follow-on tasks:  select the right answer and write words from the text. Text is in big print, hand-written and follows standard printing conventions taught in Australian schools. Common words and 3-letter words. Includes bossy e, terminal y and -oa- , eg. soap, soapy and carry.

A link with great discussion: https://ideas.demco.com/blog/3-easy-ways-promote-early-literacy-brain-development-library/