“Lost Balloon” Literacy Grade 1


Lost Balloon is a 3-page package for Grade 1.  Reading task – read together then child reads alone, discuss and write. Lots to do. 2-page story in big print with simple sketches to colour in.



Lost Balloon

Lost Balloon is a 3-page reading and writing package for Grade 1. It includes a 2-page story, sight words, a set of 3 writing tasks, and focus words are in, under, behind, over. Anyone can use this material and teach well.  It should take two half-hour sessions if you do two readings with your child. The sittings could make up two lessons.

This page is helpful for the non-teacher with step by step instructions for making flash cards for sight words and how to use them. Here is the link:  Bee’s Knees Reading Method, Home School