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Using Flash Cards

Use the lists that come home from school to make your own flash cards. Or you can download the 100 Sight Words from the net that are used for Prep and Grade 1. These word lists have been used for many decades. Commonly called ‘high frequency words’ but the meaning is the same. Avoid using the Oxford Wordlists because they are not listed in order of difficulty. Use flash cards without pictures. Easy to make and here’s how: Flash Cards – How To Make, Literacy

  1. Place each card in front of your child. Use a bundle of no more than ten. One after the other and say the word yourself. Go through this once or twice.
  2. Then go through again. Say each word again. Ask your child to repeat each word after you.
  3. Do this about three or four times.
  4. Then test. Again, place each word in front of your child. See what they recognise. Tick off on your own records for that date if your child recognises a word immediately on sighting. Or keep a record of the ones they don’t know. You may just get to know where they are at if you are doing it on a daily basis.
  5. Repeat this process every day or every second day. Expect some regression after a holiday break but this is normal.
  6. Don’t wait for your child to know every word before moving on to the next set. You may have three sets going at one time. In the sight word packs I use, I often repeat words. One reason I repeat the word is because a ‘v’ or ‘b’ may be written in two ways. Good to get children recognising the letters as they can be written.
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