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Teaching Grade 3 Literacy, Blog

Teaching Grade 3 Literacy

Grade 3 is the fourth year at school. Grade 3 is a year of transition. It is described as the start of Middle Primary School.

Children have put down the roots of good literacy habits. Children will recognise many high frequency words. They learned to decode texts with spelling patterns covered in the previous three years. If there are still areas of uncertainty, you could go through the Grade 2 materials for specific spelling patterns, such as ur or ai.

Suggestions for the non-teacher:

  • Read the text twice with your child. The first reading is for decoding. The second reading is for comprehension. A learner-reader cannot be expected to decode and comprehend well on one reading. If your child can do this then the text is not demanding enough.
  • Many children hurry through their reading, often due to teaching methods in early primary schools.  They make mistakes. They often guess. They skip words. And this is all due to the idea given to children that reading well means reading fast. Encourage your child to slow down. Even a ruler under the line helps to guide your child’s vision.
  • Ask student to read the instruction aloud so you know that they have understood what they have to do. Some children rush into a task and begin to make mistakes. This applies to all tasks but the tasks in the packs on this site usually increase in difficulty. Many children will not finish in one sitting.
  • So follow up with another reading of the text a few days later and then return to the tasks. Some children think that reading and completing activities is a memory task. By saying, “Let’s check the text and see what it says,” helps students to realize that the answer or the word is in the story.
  • Here is a link to the Page for Grades 1 and 2Literacy for Prep and Grade 1, Home School


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