“Once It Was Bush”, Literacy Grade 2,3


Once It Was Bush is a short story with questions to stimulate discussion and writing. The park has changed from bush in grand-ma’s time to a well-equipped park now. Lots to talk about so children will form opinions, write and draw.
Ideal for home school, tutoring, small groups. Anyone can teach using this lesson pack. May take two lesson time-slots.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.


Once It Was Bush

Once It Was Bush is a short literacy activity for Grades 2 or 3. A child tells a story of change in their local park since grand-mother’s time. The bush became a park over three generations. Discussion and writing an opinion follows the reading task.

This item is ready to teach. Just download, print and serve up. Children relate to what’s around them and each student will have an opinion. The focus is on change through time. Talking about change through the seasons could introduce the topic.

Parents and teachers can use this one page lesson unit. Suitable for home school, tutoring, small group literacy sessions and even classroom teaching.

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Free to make copies for teaching purposes.