“Kylie’s School Project” English, Grade 3, 4


Kylie’s School Project is a 3-page literacy lesson pack. Two children discuss quolls, the Australian native animal. Followed by several questions on content and characters.


Kylie’s School Project

Kylie’s School Project is a literacy pack for Grades 3 or 4, in 3 pages. It has information about the quoll, a native Australian animal, within a fictional story. The reading is a conversation between two children. They research the quoll and discuss its habitat and predators. Reading the story, answering questions, picking words tdescribe the quoll, true and false, identifying mammals from a list.

Suitable for any teaching situation including home school, small group coaching and for parents who want to tutor their own child. Teachers can also use this and make their teaching easier.

This link gives extra information at the right level for this age group. http://animalstime.com/tiger-quoll-facts/