“Bertie and the Crocodile” Literacy Grades 4-6


Bertie and the Crocodile is a chapter story designed to teach story structure. Discussion points, writing tasks. Deals with setting, mood, tension, crisis, resolution



Bertie and the Crocodile

Bertie and the Crocodile is a 6-page chapter story with follow-up tasks.  It’s funny and from the kookaburra’s PoV. The text is designed for teaching story structure, setting, mood, tension and crisis. A kookaburra that meets a croc in a northern Australia setting.

Suitable for any teaching and learning situation including home education.
Creative Writing – Help Your Child is the other side of this item. It focuses on construction of creative writing pieces.  Link: “Creative Writing – Help Your Child” For upper primary and into secondary school. This link could be helpful: “Help with Creative Writing” Blog