Kids in school, in my opinion, often do not get longer text reading in the classroom at a more demanding standard. Free reading time in classrooms is excellent but is usually at a slightly lower reading level. Classrooms are busy and noisy places and children are easily distracted. Hence, they often get “grabs” of reading and writing. I offer extended reading of one to two A4 pages in 16pt, 14pt and 12pt in typed material as well as hand-written text for Early Primary, the purpose of which is to extend the child, with you, the parent, as tutor. The child must decode the text because pictures are minimal.

This website aims to provide you with suitable materials to download for use with your own child. I have used, and continue to use, these materials as a tutor and I know they have driven up the literacy and numeracy skills of my students. Parents are very pleased with the result after quite short periods of time with me as tutor.

The literacy and numeracy materials I offer are not intended to address every aspect of the primary school curriculum in any particular state or territory of Australia, but to support parents in areas of learning that many tell me their child needs help with. I am open to suggestions for content and I am prepared to write materials specific to a child’s needs and upload for other parents who may also find it useful.

All materials on my site are designed for one-to-one tuition by the parent and require actual teaching such as conversation, questioning for comprehension and oral instruction. In tutoring your own child use your own knowledge and experience, and my materials to guide you. You can help make the learning relevant to your child through discussion. This will maximise learning opportunities.

Many parents say to me “She won’t learn from me,” or “He won’t co-operate with me when I try to help him.” Yet, no-one knows your child like you do. Many parents are not in a position to call in a tutor for any number of reasons, not least of which is living in an isolated place or having a sick child.


Tutoring Primary aims to support parents to teach their own child, tutors, and teachers of small groups. I provide off-the-shelf lessons in Literacy, Science, History and Geography for children in all grade levels of primary, or elementary, school, including those with a learning difficulty. Simply download, print out in black, and teach.Buy our latest lessons pack by clicking the links below.


PIRLS 2021 Results Steady, Post

PIRLS 2021 Results PIRLS 2021 results:  holding steady. PIRLS stands for Progress in International Reading Literacy Study. The 2021 report from ACER was released yesterday, 16 May 2023. This report is for Australia. Main points: Victoria ha...
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Prep And Grade 1

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Early literacy and maths lessons can be found in this category. They include Literacy and Maths. Reading and writing lessons for early primary school comprise a reading activity followed by a set of simple tasks. The tasks may be making pairs by drawing a line between words. They may involve drawing a line around rhyming words.

Grade 1 And 2

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Grades 1 And 2 lesson packs are separate for literacy and maths. Literacy lessons always include a reading task. This activity is followed by simple word tasks based on the reading. The reading tasks include target spelling patterns and use high frequency words. Packs that are 3 or 4 pages are for the older child reading harder texts.

Grade 2 And 3

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Grade 2 And 3, Learning In Primary School offers lesson packs in literacy and maths. These are separate. Literacy lessons always include a reading task. This activity is followed by simple word tasks based on the reading. The reading tasks include target spelling patterns and use high frequency words.

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    Tutoring Primary (Elementary) Students

    Ready to go! Download and print! Save time! Save money! Self-contained lessons from First Year at school to Years 7 and 8.

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    Horse to Horse Power

    Horse to Horse Power is a 3-page science and literacy package for Grade 3-4. An account of ground travel since the invention of the combustion engine -- trains, trams, cars and bikes. Horse to Horse Power extends students' general knowl...

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    Street Garden

    Street Garden is a literacy pack for Grades 4 and 5. Target words are verbs ending in -y as in beautify and are underlined in the text. Writing tasks follow:  changing verbs to noun forms, simple past tense of selected verbs, working with...

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    Pet Day at School

    Pet Day at School  is a 2-page lesson pack for Grade 1. Focus spelling is oo, ee and ai. This student paints a stone and takes that as a pet. Comprehension questions with supported answers, sequencing, fill-the-gap. Past tenses –ed,  an...

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    John Hawkins - Sailor

    John Hawkins - Sailor is a 4-page literacy lesson pack. An historical account of a famous sailor and the Battle of San Juan de Ulua. Exciting and dramatic read for students followed by text review and word study.