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Literacy for Prep and Grade 1, Home School

Literacy for Prep and Grade 1

Best Start

Prep children get the best chance in literacy and maths if they know the alphabet and numbers 1 to 10 when they start school. The first year eases children into the routines of school and gives them a broader social life.  It extends their familiarity with words and numbers. Reading and writing begin.

Sight Words or High Frequency Words

The first groups of 100 sight words are important to learn in Prep and into Grade 1. There are extra sight words for Grade 2. Most of these words are short. Learning them gives the child a great platform for bouncing into reading. They are enablers. A child needs to see a word 40 to 60 times to be able to recognise it quickly.

Phonics Knowledge

Knowing what sounds each letter makes is the task of first-year in school. Children also read simple three letter words. Together, the early sight words and 3-letter words are used to create simple texts. Once a child is reading text then phonic combinations can be introduced.

Getting Ready For Reading

A good signal for success is when a child of five or six recognises common words. Another good indicator is knowing the sound that a letter makes. Routines are predictable. The teaching style of the teacher becomes known and predictable for the child.

In keeping with this, our literacy packs have a predictable. This makes it easier for the parent to use and easier for the child to learn.

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