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Declutter the Classroom, Post

Declutter the Classroom

Classroom Clutter Can Confuse  The classroom clutter overhead, on every wall and every space harks back to earlier decades when Whole Language Theory dominated the teaching of literacy. Associated with Whole Language in the primary classroom was the idea of immersion in language and this remains one of the persistent remnants from that era.

Many classrooms are cluttered with lists and written material that can confuse struggling children. It makes it harder for them to differentiate in this forest of material. This environment lacks specificity for the dyslexic child as well. Having said elsewhere Teaching the Dyslexic Child  and    Teaching the Dyslexic Child No 2                     that leaving longer spaces between words and using text with bigger print, it makes a nonsense for the child to be immersed in literacy materials everywhere. However, little can be done. Some teachers are better than others at taking down old materials and old student work.